Metatype - Versions

Version 0.2 dated 2001-12-26

This release renames the font family, based on the original Computer Roman font sources and parameters, as "TeX" family.

Maestro fonts will be partially based on these CM sources, but with new parameters, some glyphs will be changed, and so on.

Unfortunately, these truetype fonts do not include low-resolution bitmaps yet, so they are not ready for use as screen fonts.

Version 0.1 dated 2001-12-21

Early release of Maestro fonts.

Do not take this release as a full-featured, ready to use fonts. This is just a demo to show the essence of the Metatype project. Some symbols look ugly, some are missing, font faces are not balanced, outlines are not optimal, no kerning, no hinting, no precomputed bitmaps. A lot of things must be done to make these fonts full enough, and suitable for everyday use.

Copyright (C) 1996-2001 Serge Vakulenko