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    The purpose of Metatype project is the development of freeware TrueType fonts for generic user community.

    Metafont language is chosen for creating characher glyphs. Currently, glyph images are converted to cubic outlines using autotrace utility, and then to conic outlines.

    Maestro font family is developed as a part of Metatype project. It is based on Computer Modern fonts by Donald E. Knuth. In it's current state, the fonts are not yet ready to use. Some symbols look ugly, some are missing, font faces are not balanced, outlines are not optimal, no kerning, no hinting, no precomputed bitmaps. A lot of things must be done to make these fonts good enough.

    Programmers and font designers are welcome to participate!

    EuroTeX 2003

    On EuroTeX 2003 Conference, a report about Metatype project has been presented. The article "Creating TrueType Fonts Based on METAFONT" can be downloaded here: PDF. Local copy is here.

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